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We take as little as 10%
from the order. You are getting
not less than 2500r. in a day.


Enable the app
and you are ready - you are already
at work!

Work side by side
with the house

Earn near
with a house in his city,
in your area.


Appendix Angel Taxi
determines the nearest
to you order.


At any time, you
can apply
Customer Support
Angel Taxi

I wanted to try myself in a taxi. I chose this service and did not regret it! Adequate dispatchers, standing orders, pay well. No draconian interest. What else does a taxi driver need?
I settled myself easily and quickly. Everything is simple, convenient, understandable. You have a personal manager. The company has round the clock support, specialists help on the first request.
Really like the attitude of management! Salary is fair, and disputed situations are resolved objectively. Leaders delve into the essence and do not fine just like that.
I'm glad that Angel Taxi is not rated. You work quietly and are not afraid of blocking because of unfair assessments of customers. I am satisfied with the work in this service!
I earn good money in Angel Taxi! In this service there are no unnecessary problems in the form of rating and other unnecessary nuances. Everything is simple and convenient. There are many orders.

Designed for drivers

User-friendly interface

Large font,
convenient menu

Trusted navigator

Updatable maps
addresses, traffic jams

Orders nearby

Notification of orders,
close to you

Selection of orders

the most
convenient orders

Balance control

Earn and
withdraw money to a card

Promotions for drivers

The possibility of obtaining
additional bonuses

About the app

Convenient app
Angel Taxi for drivers

Driver's application Angel Taxi has such functions, thanks to which you can choose where, when and how you will earn.

Additional options
- even more money

If you have a seven-seater car, a large trunk or a child seat in the cabin, then all this will increase the cost of your trips and bring you additional income.

Start earning

Just fill out the registration form, install the application and start earning immediately.